Please remember…’NO Outside Food or Drinks are allowed in the facility!’

Safety Rules

The health and safety of your children comes in many different forms and is something we focus on at FunVille Playground. Our floors and climbing features are cleaned daily with child-friendly products, and the restrooms are checked and cleaned hourly. Our sock policy helps maintain cleanliness on the floors and climbing equipment as well. The rear emergency exit door is fitted with a panic alarm. Five security cameras positioned throughout FunVille Playground further assures the safety of our customers. The monitor is visible at the management office. Your children are your responsibility and must obey the playground rules which are posted below and throughout the playground. Our staff will be present to make sure everyone has a pleasant time by offering polite reminders as necessary.

Playground Rules

  • A signed waiver is required for all playing children and must accompany each admission.
  • Children must be accompanied by a RESPONSIBLE ADULT (aged 18 or older) who must remain on premises at all times.
  • The adult children playground is designed for children that are between 34” and 60”.
  • The toddler’s playground is designed for children that are 33” and below.
  • The Ninja Warrior Course designed for children over 54 inches and above and adults.
  • SHOES ARE PROHIBITED in all play areas. Children must take off their shoes and wear socks. SOCKS ARE TO BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. We have socks available if you forget!
  • No sharp objects are allowed on premises.
  • No food, drinks or gum inside the play area.
  • At no time should children climb the exterior of the playground, railings, or netting.
  • Pushing and aggressive behaviors are prohibited at FunVille.
  • Conduct: Respect for the playground and for everyone in it is expected. Anyone conducting themselves in a manner not reflecting our policy will be asked to correct their behavior. If they do not correct their behavior, their entire party will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given for anyone.
  • Restroom Rules: Children must always be accompanied into the restrooms – no exceptions. This policy helps to make sure children are washing their hands before returning to the playground, which helps us all stay healthy! It also reduces the risk of clogged toilets, excessive soap usage and little “lakes” forming on the floor. Our customers’ cooperation with this policy is appreciated. Please report any messes or shortages to staff. Please change diapers in the restrooms, not in the playground.
  • The Toddler Playground: Children that are over 34” and can enjoy the adult children’s playground are asked to refrain from playing in the toddler’s playground. This will allow the toddlers to safely enjoy the play space that has been made especially for them.